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Imaging Technology

FLG Imaging Technology

We offer multiple plate processes ranging from Kodak NX, MacDermid Flat Top Dot and Flint Xpress Thermal Processing System. All of our plates are carefully examined with our quality control processes before shipping to the customer.


  • The Lux Process – The LUX process produces a digital plate with a unique dot profile from a 1:1 mask-to-plate plate imaging process. The bump curve associated with digital plates is effectively eliminated.
  • Simple – This simple process works with existing digital plates from MacDermid.


  • One to OneOne to One image production.
  • Color Match – Expanded achievable color gamut.
  • DestinyKodak NX Plate allows for dramatic increases in density.
  • Consistant Dot Performance – Kodak NX Plate have outstanding min dot performance. Imaging delivers smaller, predictable, consistent, and repeatable minimum dots.
  • EfficiencyNX plates use Kodak’s flat-top dot technology ensuring consistency, repeatability and press efficiency.

ESKO / Kongsberg Automated Cutting Table

  • Time / Cost Saving: No extra cutting required upon mounting, thus providing significant time savings to Customers.
  • Reduced Risk for Printer: Cutting mistake shortly before printing can have expensive consequences.
  • Avoid Sleeve: Staggered cut can help a printer avoid purchasing a sleeve

CDI LAMS Plate Imaging HD 4000dpi

  • Driven by Esko Graphics HD Flexo technology
  • 4000 dpi HD optics with unique imaging screening technologies

Flint Thermal Xpress

  • A smarter design for greater productivity with less maintenance, less downtime, and lower operating costs.
  • Lightning-fast turnaround time with quick processing and no drying required.
  • Small footprint, yet massive scalability – easily process plates of any size from 254 mm x 254 mm to 1067 mm x 1650 mm (10.0″ x 10.0″ to 42.0″ x 65.0″).
  • Fully integrated color touchscreen control panel with wide viewing angles for ease of operation.
  • Visual and audible indicators allow operators to multi-task without forgetting about plates being processed.