Plate Department

Some of our competitors view the production of printing plates as a commodity; however, we take pride in having the reputation for making the highest quality plates in the industry. Fine Line Graphics produces over 500,000 square feet of printing plates per year. That’s 72 million square inches!

• 5 Esko Graphics CDI’s producing high volume, large format plates up to 52” x 80”.

• Esko Graphics HD Flexo technology combines 4000 dpi HD optics with unique printing screening technologies to achieve sharper and more accurate imaging, resulting in superior “gravure quality” flexographic plates. A simple retrofit to FLG’s existing CDI’s and HD Flexo is up and running!

• MacDermid LUX Lamination system provides smoother vignettes, faster press start up, and better overall contrast, as well as an enhanced dot profile by imaging a true flat top dot. Using our existing CDI’s and MacDermid’s Digital Rave material, FLG has integrated the LUX successfully into its workflow with eye-popping results!